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Hangman Bible for the Macintosh

A reduced screenshot of Hangman Bible for the Macintosh

Hangman Bible is a religious-themed take on the classic hangman game, the same game we all played when we were kids, on paper or on the blackboard at school. Hangman Bible is a classic word game. It's easy to play, and fun for all ages. Letters can be chosen using the mouse or the keyboard. Words can be selected from various religious-themed built-in categories, suitable for Sunday Schools. Hangman Bible is a colorful, educational game with digitized sound effects, speech, non-violent graphics, a little cultural literacy, and whole lot more. Non-violent, family software at its best.

A reduced screenshot of Hangman Bible for the Macintosh, showing a game already in progress...

This reduced resolution screenshot shows a game already in progress. As you can see, the category is Religious Words and Phrases. Note that in the just previous game, the phrase guessed happened to be LUTHERAN CHURCH, so some information about that is still displayed. Can you guess the new word that hasn't yet been totally guessed?

Hangman Bible supports the speech synthesis that's built-in to most Macs. The speech synthesizer can spell and/or say the word that was just guessed. It can even speak words of encouragement when you win or lose the game. (Registered users can customize these phrases.) Hangman Bible includes many speech-related enhancements, making the game much more fun for visually-challenged users.

Another exciting feature of Hangman Bible is the Knowledge Area. Game words (that is, the words that you have to guess in the game) can include information about that particular word or phrase. For instance, if the word category is Saints, when the game ends, information about the Saint just guessed will be shown.

Hangman Bible now features built-in word categories, such as: Apostles, Bible Stories, Books of the Old Testament, Books of the New Testament, Christmas, Jewish Months, Popes, Religious Words and Phrases, Sacraments, Saints and Women in the Bible.

Hangman Bible is a colorful, educational game with digitized sound effects, speech, non-violent graphics, a little cultural literacy, and whole lot more. The perfect game for your home or for Sunday School. Try it with your family today!

Hangman Bible Requirements

Requirements: Hangman Bible is a carbonized Macintosh application. It runs on a vast array of Macintosh computers, both new and old. As a carbonized application, Hangman Bible will actually work with Mac OS's as old as Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9, as long as Apple's CarbonLib extension (v1.6 or greater) is present. Hangman Bible also works perfectly with Mac OSX and Intel-based Macintosh computers using Mac OSX's built-in Rosetta. Apple has decided NOT to include Rosetta in the latest Mac OSX (known as Lion), and thus Hangman Bible cannot be used with Lion. If you are using Lion, you might be better served by purchasing Hangman Pro. Hangman Pro does not require Rosetta, and works perfectly with all versions of Mac OSX, including Lion. (A Windows version is also available.)

Hangman Bible Version History

Version 1.0 - Released September 22, 2003

Version 1.0.1 - Released June 9, 2004 - Updated contact information only

Version 1.0.2 - Released February 8, 2005 - Updated contact, copyright, and related software information.

Version 1.0.3 - Released January 2, 2006 - Updated contact, copyright, and related software information.

Version 1.0.4 - Released October 1, 2006 - Improved menu text, internal changes to facilitate registration, etc.

Version 1.0.5 - Released February 20, 2007 - Reduced price of individual, site and district licenses...

User Comments on our Word Games...

  • "I just downloaded Hangman Plus v4.0 and can't keep my students away from it."
  • "Thanks for the great game (Hangman Plus). I tutor children and use the customization feature to reinforce lessons."
  • "I can hardly wait until my granddaughter is old enough to play this game with me."
  • "It brings back memories of the days I played Hang Man on the chaulkboards of the public school. Our whole family enjoys your game and have competitions with one another over who can get the most words correct without getting hung, and we're learning something at the same time! We have a daughter with special needs, who really enjoys and benefits from this game. She loves word games, and your game motivates her to use the computer more."
  • "I highly enjoy your game (on computers) Hangman. I highly play it everyday."
  • "Hangman Plus is wonderful! My students love it and the customizing has really helped introduce new vocabulary in a non-threatening environment! Thank You!"
  • "We are using it with some of our students who need a little help with their English, and have found they enjoy learning when they think it is just a game."
  • "It's lots of fun and I am especially appreciative as the game works well with some of my students. I am a music therapist and I work primarily on a private basis with handicapped students. On their behalf, thank you."
  • "Procol Harum ruined my winning streak on the music category of your Hangman Plus, but I won't hold it against you...Truth told: I haven't been so glued to the monitor since way back when Zork was first out...Thanks for making Hangman Plus concise, clever, full of neat sound effects (-and especially for resisting the urge to have Vanna White spin the letters around when you guess them correctly!)...Hangman Plus is gritty, fun, and best of all - IT ROCKS!...P.S. Who ARE Procol Harum anyhow? Was I born before or after their finest hour?"
  • "I love your game! Especially the sounds! That laugh. Great! Is it yours?"
  • "Your Hangman Plus is the best! I made a hard drive full of education and entertainment games and sent it to a friend for his 7 yr old son. Hangman is his fave! He uses it for spelling homework."
  • "I'm a Mac user and I have one of your games called Hangman and I liked some of the graphics and now I have a suggestion for you. This suggestion might be hard. Anyways I know there are a lot of games for a computers and there are games for Nintendo, Sega and Super Initendo, So my suggestion is a new game for the Mac. I'm sure you've heard of Mortal Kombat a game children love for Sega and Super Nintendo and I know you've help make games and I've wondered if it would be possible for you to be able to make a game such as Mortal Kombat for a Mac. I am sure you think that it would be hard work and believe me it probably is. Well don't want to waste most of your time so I'll go. Write back if you have time. P.S. If you do make the game do you think I could have a copy."
  • "I love your game Hangman Plus. It scares the living daylights out of my nephew, but he is only one, and shouldn't be playing computer games yet anyway."
  • "...I am delighted with Brickles and Hangman and will be using it with one set of grandchildren this week-end and with another set later on...It is a relief to have games that challenge the reflexes and intellect without guns, slaughter, and explicit sex. From six to septuagenarian we are grateful to you."
  • "I am a junior high computer teacher. My students used some games on a trial basis this quarter...Your game, Hangman Plus, was in the top five."
  • "After playing Hang2000 only once, I was hooked! The graphics and sounds are superb. A perfect tool for educators..."
  • "I used your demo of Hang2000 in my middle school special ed class of kids with learning disabilities. You have a winner!"
  • "I'll pass the word - wonderful program!"
  • "Have tracked your progress over the years -- WOW! The latest versions are wonderful!"
  • "I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your game Hang2000-I find it to be positively ADDICTING."
  • "This is one of the best kids educational games I have seen in a while. Kids of all ages enjoy the game...even adults. Congratulations on a fine piece of work."
  • "Thanks Ken, your games are awesome. Our friends are addicted."
  • "My grandchildren and I are having a ball with these games."
  • "Hangman was a hit. The students loved it and now are asking to play every day."
  • "hey im commentin on ur game Hang2000 IT KICKS MAJOR BUTT AN I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Thank you for the info to unlock the features of Hangman 2000. I look forward to procrastinating all those little jobs around the house that will go ignored while I feast upon your little game!"
  • "Great game--thanks! I am having fun with it already, and my grandchildren will love it."
  • "We LOVE it!!!"
  • "...a great version of a classic game that most every child has played."
  • "I really enjoy Hang2000. I've found out how much I don't know! :-)"
  • "...both your Hangman and Brickles software are among the most popular with my special ed. students."
  • "Your games are quite popular on the Mac in my waiting room."
  • "Our family is having a blast with this game"
  • "Your game has provided many smiles and chuckles, along with increasing knowledge. You are appreciated."
  • "I am very impressed with your programs, and I know they will be a wonderful addition for my students here."
  • "I think it's great what you're doing for todays' children."
  • "It's a riot!"
  • "You get my top-dog award. No one offers such personalized help as you. You're quite a guy."
  • "Just wanted to let you know, that we are raising our 3 grandchildren, who along with us love your hangman version. Even our 5 1/2 yr. old waits her turn on the computer to play the Christmas words."
  • "This game is absolutely charming."
  • "My 4 year old child who can barely read loves guessing the letters"
  • "Very good game for my grand kids (and me)"
  • "My husband is a Stroke Survivor and it is amazing how this game has helped him in word retrieval as his speech was affected, and this is the first thing that he really enjoys doing."
  • "Everyone in our family, from the 4th-grader to the old man (me) plays Hangman 3000. It has brought us a great deal of enjoyment. You have a right to feel proud."
  • "The Hang3000 is brilliant and a godsend."
  • "We got through all 42 [Presidents] by the way, before my wife insisted I put my daughter to bed at about 10:30! (The daughter wanted to go on and try all 50 states in States3000!)"
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  • "Am sending off your web page to all the teachers I know to pass the word. Also adding annotations on how well your stuff works with my kids."
  • "I'm still excited to have my grandson start using the programs. Thanks again - count me as one of our happy customers!"
  • "'Hecka cool' is the quote from my 8th grader who tried President's Wives this morning."
  • "Good quality enrichment! Thanks again!"
  • "Great fun and a good learning tool."
  • "Thanks for all your help from me and my daughter she loves the game."
  • "I am a single mother of an 12 year old son. I downloaded your Hangman2000 a few days ago and I just wanted to write and say, Thank You. You can't start to imagine how your game has helped my son out in his studies and I want to take this time to commend you for the thought of sharing your software with others."
  • "We homeschool and think the games are great for learning and playing!"
  • "Your games have made my Grandchildren very happy, which makes me very happy."
  • "My grandsons and I were playing Hangman the other day and they really liked it. Brickles is still one of their favorites!"
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  • "I'm glad that you retained the sexy voice in the Pro version!"
  • "I really enjoy Hangman as do my grandchildren. They can't get over how much Grandma knows. Of course, they fail to take into account all the years I've lived and absorbed information: both trivial and worthwhile."
  • "She loves Hangman Pro and plays at the assisted living facility where she lives."
  • "I love this game. Thanks for the program."
  • "The kid likes it!"
  • "This is quite a fun little game."
  • "I do love the Bible Hangman, and when I have "play time" find myself there."
  • "We finally got a new iMac and are very happy that we now have Hangman Pro v2. My wife especially likes playing it. She is disabled and not able to do much at all. This is her favorite game."
  • "It does work. Thank you so much. This is the reason it is a pleasure to work with you and your software. You always go the extra mile."
  • "Thanx, Ken, for your game. Consider us fans."
  • "I am spending sinful amounts of time with the new, and old varieties of Hangman, as well as Brickles!"
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  • "American Hangman is great. What a wonderful learning tool!"
  • "Dearest Ken, My friend has inadvertently deleted your beloved Hangman from my computer!!! My husband is going crazy and needs it from you ASAP. Please send it to me. thanks for helping me out..... he loves it!!!!"
  • "I've been playing Hangman since 1992! I love it!"
  • "I want to thank you for your terrific games...the Hangman varieties. Do you have others as well? I find them helpful as a person with disabilities because of m.s.The games seem to help me think clearly, and the required dexterity of my hands to play is not too much, as in other games."
  • "I help run a Sunday school in Surrey in UK and we use your Hangman Bible game as a little light entertainment at the end of the session. The participants even ask for it so they certainly enjoy it."
  • "I don't remember where I found your products, but I like them and so does my mom. Thanks."
  • "Thanks Ken This game has already provided hours of fun for the family. i will checkout your other products."
  • "I had been looking for 3 hours on the Internet for a Hangman program that could help my son with his spelling words and definitions. By the time I found yours I was so tired of being on the computer but excited that I found what I was looking for. It works and he is on his way to passing his spelling. I wish I would have thought of this earlier in the school year. This is how I learned my spelling words when I was a kid."
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  • "I have really enjoyed your hangman game I purchased last year as have our church youth and my nieces."
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  • "Bottom line.. it is a cool product and the kids really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the quick response.. It made all the difference."

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