...I'm (almost) retiring...

I've been programming for the Macintosh for what seems like forever. The Macintosh was first released in 1984, and a year later in 1985, I released the first versions of two of my favorite games (Brickles Pro and Hangman Pro). Would you believe it...these games are now 37+ years old! Later on, I would program dozens of other games, font utilities, printer utilities, desk accessories, accounting programs and more. Those first two games are actually still available today. They're still the crude decades old games that they always were, but I've continued to make them at least functional and playable with the latest Macs and Mac OS's. These old games are now true 64-bit, code-signed and notarized Universal Binary applications which work on both older Intel-based and newer Apple Silicon-based Macs. You can learn about them HERE.

And, TinyBooks Pro, my simple accounting program, is turning 20 years old as well. Like my games, the latest version of TinyBooks Pro is also a 64-bit, code-signed and notarized Universal Binary application. (Note: Only the very latest version of TinyBooks Pro, known as Version 10, works on the latest Macs and Mac OS's. If you're still using an older version of TinyBooks or TinyBooks Pro, you will surely require the latest version when you upgrade your Mac or your Mac OS. You can read about TinyBooks Pro version 10 HERE, and you can purchase a registration for it HERE.)

What I am most grateful for, over many decades, are your kind comments, both about my games and about TinyBooks Pro. Click HERE to see the emailed comments I've received on all of my programs over the years. These comments have meant more to me than you can know. Your comments have made me want to continue programming forever!

But, with that said, now in my early 70's, I am indeed edging very close to full retirement. For now, though, my web site is still active, registrations for all my programs can still be purchased as usual, and I'm still here and always happy to answer any questions you might have about any of my programs. Regarding TinyBooks Pro, there's so many improvements I would have loved to work on, based on comments and suggestions from existing users. I would love to work on a PC version of TBP, and an iPad version, and maybe even a Web version too. Those are all challenges that I would have loved to accept, but I just don't know if I'll have the time or the ability to complete such work. But, we'll see. I'm also looking into the possibility of selling TinyBooks Pro to another company to help with further development.

For now, I'd like to end this little "almost but not quite fully retired" announcement by saying THANK YOU to all of my loyal customers. I've communicated personally with so many of you over the years, and you've supported my work over those same years, decades actually. I am very appreciative of your kind words and your support and wish you all the best.

Last Modified: October 23, 2022

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