TinyBooks: Old, New, Pro, Non-Pro, Document Conversions, etc.

TinyBooks, in one form or another, has been available since 2003. And, since then, the Mac computer has undergone many significant changes, both in hardware and software. And TinyBooks Pro has also had many changes to keep up with the evolution of the Macintosh. This page discusses the various versions of TinyBooks through the years, and which versions work with which Mac's and which Mac OS's (Operating Systems). This page also shows how you can convert any old TinyBooks documents you might have to work with the latest versions of TinyBooks Pro.

Note: To determine what kind of Mac you have and what Operating System is running, just choose ABOUT THIS MAC from the Apple Menu. If the window that appears includes the word "Intel", you have an Intel-based Mac. (If it mentions PowerPC, it is NOT an Intel-based Mac.) The ABOUT THIS MAC dialog will also show you which version of the Mac Operating System you are running.


TinyBooks Pro v8: The Latest Version

Intel-based Mac running Mac OSX 10.7 or later

TinyBooks Pro, version 8, is the latest and most up-to-date version of TinyBooks Pro available, released in 2013. In order to use the latest version of TinyBooks Pro (v8.0.8 and beyond), you must have an Intel-based Macintosh, running Mac OSX 10.7 or greater. If you are still running Mac OSX 10.6, you can use TinyBooks Pro v8.0.7, which is the last version of TinyBooks Pro that supports the older Mac OS. Click here to download TinyBooksProV807.zip.

Note: Are you a New TinyBooks Pro v8 user? If so, you don't have to worry about converting any old documents, so ignore the rest of this page, and just enjoy TinyBooks Pro v8 starting from scratch!

Note: Are you an existing TinyBooks Pro v7 user? If so, you can easily convert any and all of your old TinyBooks Pro v7 documents into v8 format. Just run the new TinyBooks Pro (v8) and choose the "Convert TinyBooks Pro v7 Document to v8..." item in the Utility Menu. (If your old v7 documents are grayed out in the Convert dialog, just add a ".TB7" file extension to the name of your old v7 documents.)

Note: Are you still using the very old Non-Pro versions of TinyBooks (from v1 through v6) but are now able to run TinyBooks Pro v8? If so, you can use the information below on this page to convert your very old documents to the new TinyBooks Pro v8 format.


TinyBooks Pro v7: The First 'Pro' Version

Intel-based Mac running Mac OSX 10.5 or later

TinyBooks Pro, version 7, was the first Pro version of TinyBooks, released in 2010. In order to use TinyBooks Pro v7, you must have an Intel-based Macintosh, running Mac OSX 10.5 or greater.

TinyBooks Pro, version 7, is still very much alive and well, even though version 8 is now current. For many users who are still running Mac OSX 10.5, TinyBooks Pro v7 is the only choice (since TinyBooks Pro v8 requires Mac OSX 10.7 or above).

The latest version 7 release of TinyBooks Pro is known as v7.1.2. This version can be downloaded using the link just below. If you need to purchase TinyBooks Pro v7, you must use the standard Buy Now link below. You will actually be purchasing a registration for the latest TinyBooks Pro v8, but just let me know of your purchase, and I'll be glad to send you a registration for the older version 7 as well.


The Old TinyBooks (non-Pro)

PowerPC-based Mac running Mac OS 8.6, or OS 9

The old versions of TinyBooks (the non-Pro versions from v1 through v6) could (and still can!) run on older PowerPC-based Macintosh computers and could even run on Mac OS's going back to Mac OS 8.6. But, programs designed for the PowerPC-based Mac's can no longer run on the newer Intel-based Mac's...thus TinyBooks Pro was created. If you are still running one of the older PowerPC-based Macs, the old non-Pro version of TinyBooks is still available. The latest (and last) version of TinyBooks (the non-Pro version) is known as v6.0.3. You can use the links just below to download and/or purchase the old TinyBooks.


Upgrade Old TinyBooks Documents

Note: If you are a new user of TinyBooks Pro, please disregard the rest of this section. This section is only required if you are a registered owner of a very old version of TinyBooks (v1 through v6), and want to convert your very old documents to the latest format for use with TinyBooks Pro v8.

The latest version of TinyBooks Pro is known as version 8. This section of the page details what is required to upgrade ANY old TinyBooks document so that it can be opened with the latest version of TinyBooks Pro. This is a three-part process. The first part is to upgrade any very old (v1 through v5) TinyBooks documents to v6 format. You then want to convert any of the resulting TinyBooks v6 documents into the first TinyBooks Pro format (known as TinyBooks Pro v7). The last step is convert the resulting TinyBooks Pro v7 document to v8 status. (Normally, upgrading is a VERY simple, one-step process. It's only this complicated for users who have chosen to stick with a very old version of TinyBooks and are very late in converting to TinyBooks Pro.)

OK, let's begin: The first step is to convert any of your old, non-Pro TinyBooks documents to TinyBooks (v6) format, if they aren't already in this format. To do this, you will need a copy of the latest "old" version of TinyBooks, known as TinyBooks v6.0.3. It is only available here: TinyBooks.zip

Remember, in order to run TinyBooks v6.0.3, you do still need access to an older Macintosh. Current Macintosh computers might not run the old TinyBooks. (That was the whole point of re-writing TinyBooks into TinyBooks Pro in the first place!) If you no longer have your old Mac that can run the old TinyBooks, you can either just start running TinyBooks Pro from scratch (without upgrading old documents) or you must find a friend or family member with an older Mac that you can use just long enough to perform these one-time conversions.

When you're ready, double-click TinyBooks v6.0.3 to run it. What you do then, will depend on just how old your TinyBooks documents are. Any very old documents must first be converted to version 6 format, before using a special procedure to convert TinyBooks v6 documents to TinyBooks Pro v7 format.

For old (PRIOR TO VERSION 6) documents, you can use one of the "Convert" items in the Utility Menu to convert any v1, v2, v3, v4 or v5 format documents into a v6 format document. When you choose the applicable CONVERT item, TinyBooks will prompt you for your existing (old) TinyBooks document, and create a new v6 type document for you.

Now that all your old TinyBooks documents are in v6 format, we can begin the next step. In order to convert TinyBooks version 6 documents to TinyBooks Pro version 7 format, you will need to create a special "TinyBooks-Pro-Conversion" file. While you are still running TinyBooks v6.0.3, open up any of your existing or newly converted v6 TinyBooks documents just as you always have. Then just choose the "Create TinyBooks-Pro-Conversion file..." item from the File Menu. You can choose to save this file anywhere you want, maybe just on the desktop.

Next, copy the "TinyBooks-Pro-Conversion" file to the Mac that can run TinyBooks Pro (which may or may not be the same Mac). Quit TinyBooks v6, run TinyBooks Pro v7, choose "Import TinyBooks-Pro-Conversion file..." from the Utility Menu, and TinyBooks Pro will import your file and prompt you to save the newly converted file. You now have a valid TinyBooks Pro v7 document and you're almost done.

Lastly, run TinyBooks Pro v8, choose the "Convert TinyBooks Pro v7 Document to v8..." item in the Utility Menu...TinyBooks Pro will read your old v7 document and prompt you to save the newly created v8 document. And, you're done! Double-click the new file that you just helped TinyBooks Pro to create, and you'll see all your old transactions, account settings, names, addresses, invoices, and everything all set up for you ready to use with the newest TinyBooks Pro. Once you see the new TinyBooks Pro, you will never want to go back. It's worth the effort.

Note: If you're a user of a very old version of TinyBooks, you might realize that in order to fully upgrade your old documents, you require TinyBooks v6, and TinyBooks Pro v7 just to end up with documents that are fully compatible with TinyBooks Pro v8. Remember, all versions of TinyBooks and TinyBooks Pro are free to download and free to try. So, if you've never tried these newer versions, you can download them and use them just to convert your old documents. You do NOT need to purchase the older versions just for upgrade purposes. And, if, by chance, you tried the older versions long ago and the trial expired, but now you suddenly find you need them again, I can fix that. If you purchase the latest version of TinyBooks Pro (v8), just let me know of your need, and I'll be glad to provide complimentary registrations of the older versions just for document conversion use.

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