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Brickles Pro for the Macintosh

(A Universal Binary Macintosh Application, Lion-Compatible)

Brickles Pro for Macintosh is a simple, addicting, ball and paddle game reminiscent of the breakout game of days gone by. Brickles Pro is fun for the whole family. It's a non-violent, colorful, sound-rich and amazingly customizable game. Brickles Pro for the Macintosh has been completely re-written from the ground up. It is now a full-fledged Universal Binary Macintosh Application, meaning it will run natively in both the older PowerPC and the newer Intel-based Macintoshes. Rosetta emulation is NOT required. Brickles Pro also works fine with the new Mac OS 10.7, known as Lion.

A reduced screenshot of Brickles Pro for the Macintosh, showing one possible configuration of a 1-Paddle game.
One Possible Configuration of a 1-Paddle Game (shown reduced)

Brickles Pro is not a typical ball and paddle game. Brickles Pro features adjustable colors and patterns, adjustable ball and paddle sizes, adjustable speeds and adjustable window sizes. Such adjustments allow the game to be played by everyone from the very youngest children, first learning to use a mouse, to fast-paced arcade fans, from grandparents to grandkids. Think of it as "Family Software with a Bounce!"

Brickles Pro can be played in a small or a large window, or at full screen size, or in a narrow or a wide window. Brickles Pro also features stereo sounds, and various Brickles arrays. Each level of the game can feature a different randomly selected brickle array, or a favorite design can be played repeatedly. This picture (shown in reduced resolution) shows just one of the thousands of possible configurations of Brickles Pro.

By default, and just for fun, Brickles Pro is set to start off at a relatively high speed. By adjusting the Speed of the game, either using the Ball Speed Toolbar Control or the Speed Menu, you can make the game faster or slower. If it's still too fast, check out the Brickles Pro Preferences. The game starts out in an UNLIMITED mode, where the four speeds are based on the fastest possible speed that your computer will allow. But, you can also choose a THROTTLED mode of game play, where the four speeds will likely be a lot slower. Adjust to taste!

1-Paddle Game2-Paddle Game4-Paddle Game
An Animated Brickles Pro 1-Paddle PictureAn Animated Brickles Pro 2-Paddle PictureAn Animated Brickles Pro 4-Paddle Picture

One feature that really sets Brickles Pro apart from all other ball and paddle games, is that you can not only play with one bottom paddle (the normal way), but you can also play with two or four paddles. In a game with two paddles, the mouse controls both a top and a bottom paddle. In a game with four paddles, there's a top, a bottom, a left and a right paddle and NO walls. If the ball doesn't hit a paddle, the ball is lost. This option is not for everyone, that's for sure. But, it's there when you're ready for the supreme challenge!

A reduced screenshot of Brickles Pro for the Macintosh, showing one possible configuration of a 2-Paddle game.
One Possible Configuration of a 2-Paddle Game (shown reduced)

The reduced resolution picture shown here shows a game with 2 on the top, and one on the bottom. Moving the mouse left and right, moves both paddles left and right at the same time.

A reduced screenshot of Brickles Pro for the Macintosh, showing one possible configuration of a 4-Paddle game.
One Possible Configuration of a 4-Paddle Game (shown reduced)

The reduced resolution picture shown here shows a game with 4 paddles. In a 4-paddle game, there are no walls. The only way to keep the ball in play is with the paddles. Miss the paddles, and the ball is gone. This is an extremely challenging, but fun, way to play Brickles Pro. Luckily, using the Speed Menu or Brickles Pro ToolBar, you can choose a very slow speed while learning to control the four paddles.

The Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame Scoreboard

Brickles Pro includes support for the new Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame Scoreboard web page. When you get a new high score, Brickles Pro offers you the option of sending that high score to the Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame Scoreboard web page. This page includes various Top Ten Scoreboards. The first scoreboard lists all recently received high scores (so everyone is a winner, at least momentarily.) Other scoreboards show the Top Ten Scores for various Brickles Pro game configurations (1-Paddle Games, 2-Paddle Games, 4-Paddle Games, etc.)

In July of 2009, all existing Online Brickles Pro High Scores, accumulated over years of game play, have been reset. The playing field is once again leveled for everyone. But all of the past high scores have been archived to honor those who played so hard to get their names on the scoreboard. Here is the First Brickles Pro Online High Scores Archive.

The Brickles Pro Toolbar

The Brickles Pro Toolbar

Brickles Pro includes a Toolbar that offers instant control of many aspects of the game. The top row (from left to right) includes the Balls Remaining Indicator, the Score, and the Current Bonus (1X, at the moment.) The middle row includes the Speed Indicator/Switch, the Paddle Size Indicator/Switch, the Ball Size Indicator/Switch, the Random Color Generator Switch, the MultiColor Brickles Indicator/Switch, and the Brickle Array Design Indicator/Switch. The bottom row is dedicated to Game Messages (currently blank.)

Brickles Pro Requirements

Requirements: Brickles Pro is a Universal Binary Macintosh application. It runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintoshes. It's compatible with all versions of Apple's Mac OS X (including the latest Mac OS 10.7 known as Lion.)

Brickles Pro Version History

Version 1.0 - Released May 11, 2004

Version 1.0.1 - Released May 16, 2004 - Added a new Brickles Pro Toolbar Icon allowing the user to choose from among more than a dozen different brickle array designs. Whichever design is chosen is the design used for all levels of the game. The user can also choose a random mode, where each new level is a random selection from among the available brickle array designs.

Version 1.0.2 - Released May 20, 2004 - In past versions of Brickles Pro, when a game was in progress, if the invisible cursor moved into the user's Dock area (for users running OS X), the cursor would become visible and stay visible while the game was in progress, which could be a little disconcerting. Now, the cursor becomes invisible again when moved back into the Brickles window.

Version 1.0.3 - Released June 1, 2004 - Added support for a new Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame web page, allowing users to publish their high scores online, and compare their scores with users from around the world.

Version 1.0.4 - Released June 20, 2004 - Added another extra ball opportunity, increased the default memory allocation (when playing in OS9), added the ability for non-registered users to utilize the new Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame, etc.

Version 1.0.5 - Released June 25, 2004 - A quick cosmetic fix. Previously, when run in OSX, occasionally when a ball was lost, a remnant (known as an artifact) of the paddle might be generated. That should now be a thing of the past!

Version 1.0.6 - Released July 6, 2004 - Added age and location fields to the Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame web page. Now, when a user gets a new high score, in addition to entering a name, that user is also asked to optionally enter his or her age and location. This adds to the fun of comparing your scores with users from around the world.

Version 1.0.7 - Released July 8, 2004 - Ooops! A quick, embarrassing bug fix release. Occasionally, a valid high score would not be accepted by the Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame web page. That is now fixed.

Version 1.0.8 - Released November 30, 2004 - Updates some internal graphics, adds a few tweaks to the Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame, modified the High Score Name dialog.

Version 1.0.9 - Released March 30, 2005 - A minor update. Updated help text, and other internal (invisible) changes.

Version 1.1.0 - Released November 27, 2005 - Added another extra ball opportunity.

Version 1.1.1 - Released January 4, 2006 - Updated version, copyright and related software information. Also, made it obvious that no information is ever sent to the Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame without the user's consent.

Version 1.1.2 - Released October 2, 2006 - Updated menu text, contact information, etc.

Version 1.1.3 - Released February 19, 2007 - Same game, lowered prices for individual, site and district licenses!

Version 1.1.3 - Released July 14, 2009 - The game is unchanged, but a new BricklesPro/Twitter Connection has been added to the Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame Scoreboard. Now, when a user chooses to send a high score to the Online Brickles Pro Hall of Fame, an informative tweet will be generated.

Version 2.0.0 - Released October 8, 2009 - MAJOR UPDATE - This version of Brickles Pro is a complete rewrite from the ground up. Brickles Pro is now a full-fledged Universal Binary Macintosh application. Brickles Pro now runs natively on both older PowerPC and newer Intel-based Macintoshes. Brickles Pro is now smoother, faster, more colorful and more fun than ever.

Version 2.0.0 - December 12, 2011 - Brickles Pro for the Macintosh - Price Reduced to just $14.95 for individuals. (When playing the game, the un-discounted price may still be shown. But, at the time of purchase, you'll see the discounted price.)

Version 2.0.1 - February 15, 2012 - Brickles Pro for the Macintosh - The new price of $14.95 now appears in the game itself. Also updated much of the internals of the game, mostly invisibly, to allow the game to continue to be developed in the more modern development environments.

Version 2.0.2 - May 5, 2012 - Brickles Pro for the Macintosh - Updated internal code such that one code base results in Brickles Pro for the Macintosh and Windows.

Version 2.0.3 - August 3, 2012 - Brickles Pro for the Macintosh is now code signed for increased compatibility with the latest OSX 10.8 known as Mountain Lion.

User Comments...

  • "Both my wife and I play Brickles more than any of the other games we've acquired. This says a lot. To be honest, a lot of the games out there are rubbish!! Yours is one of the better ones."
  • "I like your shareware and I would send you bucks but my mom says it isn't a good investment so in thanks I am going to tell you about me..."
  • "Dear Brickles, Hi, my name is B.N., and I'm ten years old. I would like to tell you that your computer game is great esspicially when you get your name on that hall of fame score board. Did you know that this computer game was so great that I copy this game to every single one of my friend that have a macintosh. I even like this game because when me and my sister play this game we can challenge who has a higher score. I'm sorry that I don't have dollars to give you but if I did I would give it to you. Bye I have to stop now."
  • "I never thought that I'd ever actually be sending anyone money for shareware but here I am. I guess I'm just too honest, or maybe just strange. Your game (Brickles) is my 5 minute pastime when something's printing. But, I have to admit, I play it just about every day."
  • "It has given me many moments of pleasure and laughs. I feel like a kid in an arcade."
  • "It's fun, it's soothing but I rarely get very far unless I lockup my 3-yr-old Burmese (cat). You might market this as an interactive cat toy! Something about the way it bounces and the sound breaking Brickles make makes her crazy."
  • "I use your program Brickles a lot in my occupational therapy programs. The students love it and it really helps improve their eye hand coordination and visual tracking skills."
  • "I love Brickles Plus! I'm not very good yet, but I will!"
  • "Thank you for building up Brickles. I enjoy playing it. Do you like to play your own games? Do you build computers? You must be pretty smart! Do you have any new software that you've been working on? What kind of computer do you have? I just got a new computer. You're proboblay a busy guy, so I won't take up all your time."
  • "We (my family) all like this game so much. My father says it is good to play when the brain is tired after studying or working. (But he is the worst player of my family - he seldom takes more than 100 scores.) I always play with one huge paddle and slow ball. Maybe I'm going to play the more harder one in the far future. That's very difficult, isn't it?!"
  • "Brickles was an okay game but do you have any other games. If you send me more games and they are good I will pay money..."
  • "I think your game is really neat! My highest score so far is 232."
  • "...I looked at all the other shareware games that came on our system and promptly trashed them - all except your delightful Brickles Plus. With that, you have accomplished what no other designer/writer of game software, amateur or professional, has ever been able to do - that being not only to get me to play and enjoy the game, but to demonstrate my enjoyment by paying for it....Being an old f--- I can play it at a slow pace and enjoy it, and when our children come to visit they can set it to higher speeds and enjoy it as well...Even my wife - who resisted anything to do with computers for the past ten years - has gotten interested and now plays Brickles; though if she will ever go on to Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop, only time will tell. Brickles did break the ice!"
  • "I think I play brickles the most out of all of my games in the world."
  • "I haven't stopped smiling since another secretary here in the office shared me your Brickles game."
  • "All of us would like to thank you for the design of the game. It's fair dinkum and well done. Good on you."
  • "Brickles is a very neat game. It is the one and only game on my Apple Menu."
  • "Brickles was the first Mac game my daughter got interested in ... ooops, no, it's the first Mac game *I* got *addicted* to."
  • "We're all hooked on Brickles. Thanks for a great pastime."
  • "My grandkids love the game."
  • "Have tracked your progress over the years -- WOW! The latest versions are wonderful!"
  • "...a semipsychedelic makeover of the perennial favorite..."
  • "Thanks Ken, your games are awesome. Our friends are addicted."
  • "My grandchildren and I are having a ball with these games."
  • "Only complaint is this game is sooo addictive."
  • "I've downloaded bunches of brick bashing games and yours is by far the best."
  • "I hold my Schools record of 2130 (I had to stop as lunch ended)."
  • "My son's favorite game!"
  • "You are the MAN, this game ruled then as it does now. Hooray for brickles!!!"
  • "My nieces and nephews love playing it on my imac."
  • "My wife has just scored over 6000 points in the game! Looks like her love affair with Solitaire will be taking a back seat for a while."
  • "I like the 8X BONUS BRICKLE"
  • "Your Brickles Deluxe is by far the all time favorite at all ages levels at my school. We use if sparingly, though, or otherwise kids wouldn't get any work done at all!! It is the ultimate reward!!!! Thanks for developing these great things for us!!!!"
  • "...both your Hangman and Brickles software are among the most popular with my special ed. students."
  • "Your games are quite popular on the Mac in my waiting room."
  • "this game is the best"
  • "My dad uses your software/game to help him recover from a stroke. In addition to the game's helping him with his concentration and reaction time, I thought it would be fun for my kids to play."
  • "This week I'll be doing my intro for the year in all my classes and guess what??? When I'm done with my "ground rules speech" for each class we do Brickles Deluxe just for fun for the last 10 - 15 minutes I have them!!! It *is* the all school favorite, that's for sure!!!"
  • "brickles rox!"
  • "i love this game its been my favorite for decades"
  • "I seriously love this game."
  • "By the way, I'm addicted to Brickles Deluxe so I'll probably have to send you a bill for the therapist I'll need to see to break the habit."
  • "Brickles rules"
  • "Wow, I love this new version! I am getting hooked on the smaller, square version of the game. Wife and I both like the new sounds, the toolbar you've added, too. This is THE game I use to relax with!"
  • "You've got another winner!"
  • "It's a great game. . .particularly fun for me to watch the Brickles competition between my 9 year old grandson, Benn and his grandfather (my husband) Gary"
  • "I would buy a macintosh just for this game :)"
  • " i live for this game!!!"
  • "I just thought you would like to know that since you reminded me of Brickles, and sent me the code for it, I have been playing it day and night!. I used to have something resembling a life, but no more. At my age (70), my reflexes are not so hot, but I keep trying."
  • "I am an enormous Brickles fan, and fell in love with it when I began playing it at school."
  • "im a 13 year old who is into all those high-tech games as some people would say but yet brickles tops them by far"
  • "The kids are brilliant at it, amassing tens of thousands of points per game. My first game, I went down amidst the flames of a mere 61 points. Oh, the shame, but what a challenge! Thanks for the funnest way to lose hours of one's life since Tetris!"
  • "My name is Kelsey. I LOVE your game. I am 10 years old. I play it eny time I can. Thank you so much for inventing this game."
  • "Brickles Man...I played it and it is my favorite game. I play it a lot...I will try to pay the money but I am still working off money for breaking moms vase. Good bye."
  • "I am 76 years old and it may seem silly for me to play such games, but I like it and it helps me stay alert and improves my coordination. You can use that in your advertising if you want to, but don't use my name."
  • "Actually we got the game for my daughter who has a learning disability and needs work on eye-hand coordination."
  • "Thanks again for your help, and especially for the creation of this marvelous, exciting, educational, and FUN game."
  • "I found that it helped students who had trouble reading with hand/eye coordination, which in turn impacts the gaining of reading skills. It also gave them such a feeling of self-esteem that it made their entire school experience a better one."
  • "This is the ONLY game I ever play. Really. Too busy to bother with others. Brickles is an old I am glad is still around in the Mac world!"
  • "I think your game is really great for kids with autism, because it has the colors, the sounds, and the call for eye/hand coordination in a random setting that puzzles them (they are very good at finding patterns). They generally do not care about competing for higher scores but will be motivated by the ball hitting so many keys all of a sudden making a 'symphony'. Congratulations for your game!"
  • "Brickles rules i played it when i was a young girl."
  • "I am so happy, the game is great."
  • "I love has to be the greatest game on earth."
  • "Thanks Ken!! You are my new best friend. :)"
  • "wow thanks ken!!!!"
  • "Thanks once again for making this game possible on non-Mac computers. You are the greatest!!!"
  • "IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!"
  • "And you haven't played 'Brickles' 'til you've played it with two kittens sitting on your monitor trying to help you catch the ball! You could start marketing it as a cat toy."
  • "This is one of the better games for Mac."
  • "This game is great!"
  • "My fiancee's mother loves Brickles, by the way!"
  • "Thanks so much I LOVE this game."
  • "What a fantastic game!!!! Highly addictive! The simple ones are ALWAYS the best!"
  • "Thanks for quick service . Brickles is up and running 5 minutes after purchase."
  • "That's really cool Ken!!! Top notch support!"
  • "Thank you for your programs, they are worth more than the price."
  • "I love the game and my daughter also enjoys playing it when she is here."
  • "Cheers Ken - that rocks!!! Gonna have some play-time this weekend and try and get up there on the scoreboard!"
  • "easier for the younger kids 'cos they can slow it down etc."
  • "Thanks for such an addictive game!"
  • "Thank you and than you for all the improvements you keep making."
  • "Your game is additive. Grandkids liked it and now I am also hooked."
  • "really enjoy your games. keep up the great work."
  • "I want to be added to the list of people who cannot thank you enough for your time and help."
  • "Coolio!!!!!"
  • "Like in your dreams (-:)" [Note: This was said in response to my email alerting registered users that the latest Brickles Pro allows users to enter their age along with their high score for publication in the Brickles Pro Hall of Fame web page.]
  • "I'm nearly blind, but love games, and this is wonderful. I have CP, and working with hand-eye stuff is very good for me. Thank you for making it so I can have things SLOW and LARGE!"
  • "congratulations on making the best ball and paddle software"
  • "Thanks so much for offering software for Macs. I keep Mac-evangelizing to family and friends, and their come-back is always, "it's hard to find software." Now I have another site to point them toward. Thanks again!"
  • "I love it! The trial version got me through several nights of terrible pain in the darkness of a hospital after a hellacious, painful operation! It was only right to buy it as soon as I came home. Thank you. : )"
  • "I am spending sinful amounts of time with the new, and old varieties of Hangman, as well as Brickles!"
  • "This game is super!!"
  • "You make great games!"
  • "Thanks so much for taking the time to develop such a unique game."
  • "Had several of your games before this one and all are great!"
  • "My cat CQ (aka Crazy Quilt) joins in the game every morning. First, she looks under, over and behind the computer for the sound. Then, she starts pawing at the screen's bouncing ball, and sometimes tries to bite the edge of the computer."
  • "...have advanced osteoarthritis in most of my joints. After spinal surgery and a hip replacement, my wrist and finger joints are now involved. I enjoy Brickles so much because I can go at a slower pace. I can vicariously be Venus Williams, a pingpong champ, or billiards player at the same time! I particularly enjoy being able to have a variety of backgrounds and colors -- it helps with those of us who no longer have good vision."
  • "Nice and pleasant game"
  • "WOW! A game I can play!"
  • "You bring out the child in me - I really do love Brickles - the sounds are just darling."
  • "Thanks so much for Brickles Pro! I'm 68 years old, and I love it."
  • "I have been using the Mac version of Brickles in my computer lab for 12 years! "
  • "a very fun game. My 5 year-old son loves it!"
  • "Great game!"
  • "I use huge ball and paddle for comfort-works great on my imac"
  • "Got it. I will resume my quest for world championship status...."
  • "I've just tried out Brickles Pro and the gameplay is quite good, so Brickles Pro it is :)."
  • "I'm having a ball playing Brickles, thanks for figuring it out!"
  • "I secretly adjusted ball & paddle sizes, etc. to allow my son to begin at an easier less frustrating level. He used the set levels for a week, then I readjusted them to find he's now ready for more challenges. For him, it's all about self-esteem, not to mention the eye/hand coordination. When he comes home from work I can hear the Brickles sound effects coming from his room. I've found that Brickles has actually allows me to relax and "zone out" after a very busy day. It's quite addictive! I love it. A complete escape for sure. But have to get off it before my son comes home."
  • "I bought Brickles from you back in 2002; see email below. Does this qualify me to use Brickles Pro now? It’s the only game I ever play. My beagle sits on my lap and watches it!"

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